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UMG/TIPS Charter Implementation Guidelines

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Revised June 1, 1997

1. UMG/TIPS Liaison

  • The UMG member named as TIPS liaison will maintain regular communication with the TIPS Chair and Co-chair;
  • The UMG/TIPS liaison will analyze weekly UMG agendas and, if appropriate and in conjunction with the UMG Chair, will invite the TIPS Chair or Co-Chair to attend UMG meetings;
  • The TIPS Chair and Co-Chair will agree to maintain the confidentiality of UMG discussions;
  • The UMG/TIPS liaison will attend TIPS meetings and will designate an alternate to serve as back-up.

2. Administrative Systems Development

  • UMG recognizes that early involvement of TIPS members (and other designated participants) in system development provides a mechanism for productive feedback to both systems developers and school management;
  • UMG, through its appointments to administrative systems project teams, will work to ensure that the perspective of system end-users is included. As appropriate, UMG members will work with their TIPS representative(s) to identify participants for such teams;
  • The UMG/TIPS liaison will notify TIPS of membership on project teams;
  • UMG recognizes that regular and timely input by TIPS and other designated participants during the development will contribute to system acceptance at project completion, per Administrative Guide Memo 64.

3. TIPS and the University Community

  • TIPS meetings will remain open to anyone who wishes to attend;
  • TIPS will send meeting AGENDAS to others (e.g., the DUNSI Chair) who might be interested in topics being addressed.