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Operating Rules

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TIPS Roles


  • Presides over Core Representative and general meetings
  • Serves as liaison to the University Management Group (UMG)
  • Serves as the main point of contact for meeting logistics and presenters
  • Is elected and will serve a two-year term


  • Serves as a back-up to the UMG in the Chair’s absence
  • Assists in meeting logistics and meeting communication
  • Is elected and will serve a two-year term

Core Representatives:

  • Are appointed by a UMG member or Senior Administrative Leader
  • Are responsible for communicating issues and concerns to the Senior Administrative Leader who appointed them as well as to other administrative staff in their units
  • Represent their constituents in all meetings
  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Serve at least a two-year term
  • TIPS representatives, or other administrative staff recruited by them, participate in system development teams and act as testers of new applications.

Guidelines for Selection of TIPS Representatives, Officers, and Liaisons

Core Representatives:

  1. TIPS representatives shall be appointed by the Administrative Deans (or the functional equivalent) for each unit currently represented on the University Management Group.
    • At the beginning of each fiscal year, the chair will reach out to the Administrative Deans to confirm the continued service of the current core representatives and/or request a list of any newly appointed core representatives.
  2. Each unit will appoint one Core Representative and one alternate who will serve as Core Representative-elect. Core Representatives and alternates serve with the consent of their supervisors.
  3. Those who appoint representatives should:
    • Consider the above-mentioned TIPS roles and make their selections based on the ability of the representatives to fulfill those roles.
    • Select members who represent different administrative functions (e.g. student affairs, budget officers, computing support staff, administrative associates, staff affairs, facilities, etc.) and levels (e.g. school, department, etc)
    • Contribute to the continuity of TIPS by appointing representatives who are willing to serve for the two-year term.
  4. Liaisons from other groups and organizations (e.g. DUNSI, Expert Partners, Change Support Team, SAS, etc.) are invited to attend TIPS meetings and act as information channels to and from their respective groups. For purposes of continuity, groups are encouraged to assign TIPS liaisons to serve from September 1 to August 31.
  5. Electing Chairs and Co-Chairs:
    • The TIPS Chair and Co-Chair will be elected from among the Core Representatives in June of an election year.
    • Electronic nominations and elections will be held in June, regardless of the number of nominations received.
    • Each role will serve a two-year term which begins on September 1 and ends on August 31.  
    • Candidates must be a Core Representative for two years before elected and be from different UMG units.
    • One Core Representative will be chosen at the beginning of an election year to serve as the Electoral Administrator and will not vote that year
    • If either the Chair or Co-Chair cannot complete their terms, a special election will be held.