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About Us

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The Team for Improving Productivity at Stanford (TIPS) was established over 30 years ago. The team provides an opportunity for staff to collaborate, explore, discover, and influence advancements by tackling campus wide shared challenges. Through partnering with campus wide process tool owners, TIPS is able to share findings that may lead to product enhancements. TIPS is also a resource for our Administrative Planning Executive Committee which influences the tools we use at Stanford University on a daily basis.

Moreover, TIPS has become a pioneer in influencing other groups to emerge in order to continue the success of our community in all faucets, while maintaining a healthy line of communication with campus leadership. TIPS always welcomes partnering with campus wide groups in order to increase our daily productivity while maintaining a healthy work environment. TIPS has done tremendous work through collaboration which led and will continue to lead in making significant/impactful contributions campus wide to benefit our community.

If you are part of a group and wish to gain additional traction on an improvement idea which may benefit the entire campus - please contact us and lets partner.

Below are some of our key focus areas and touch points.